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. then turmoil inside the two- party. a former house majority leader dick armey is attempting a coup than his own party. he is paid $8 million to leave. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!," democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. president obama and members of the senate are back in washington today after a short break with just days before the onset of the so-called fiscal cliff. obama and republican leaders remain at a crossroads on reaching a budget deal before the combination of spending cuts and tax hikes kicks in with the new year. on wednesday, treasury secretary timothy geithner told congress the u.s. will reach its federal borrowing limit on new year's eve, threatening the same default that was narrowly avoided last year. in a letter to lawmakers, geithner vowed to take extraordinary measures to avoid a new default but said any remedies would only be short- term. the u.s. has acknowledged for the first time a carried out a september drone strike that killed 11 people in yemen. the victims were packed into ain truck on a desert road in a town of r
an attempt with dick armey getting aimed. >>> plus we'll have the top viral videos of 2012 including this one. >> we're all on our own if romney has his way. and he's against safety nets. if you fall, tough luck. so i strongly suggest that you wake the [ bleep ] up. >> actually, that's samuel l. jackson, he's a nice fella personally. this is "hardball," the place for politics. he really is a nice guy. >>> former president george h.w. bush took a turn for the over and he's against safety nets. if you fall, tough luck. so i strongly suggest that you wake the [ bleep ] up. >> actually, that's samuel l. jackson, he's a nice fella personally. this is "hardball," the place for politics. he really is a nice guy. >>> former president george h.w. bush took a turn for the worse over christmas eve. doctors say they are cautiously optimistic the 88-year-old will recover. we wish him well. we'll be right back. >>> welcome back to "hardball." boston globe reporting michael kranish has written why romney lost the campaign this year. it includes access to insiders on the record including romney's oldest son
class pictures. these are from 1999. the 106th congress. this is dick armey's official class picture. when mother jones broke the story yesterday about his contentious break-up with the fake grassroots kotchman brothers group freedom works, they demanded that armey be paid until his contract ended on december 31st. that they remove his name, image, or signature from all its letters, print media, fundraising material and social media and that he demanded, that freedom works deliver the copy of his official congressional portrait to his home in texas. someone at freedom works, is there somebody who is bummed? i don't want to part with my official portrait of dick armey. it looks so great in the office! is this even the portrait in question? or is there a fancier portrait that he is demanded freedom works send to his home following their big acrimonious break-up? now we know that it turns out, freedom works will be sending hole to texas more than just dick armey's congressional portrait. the associated press reporting today that they acquired a confidential contract that shows that dick
't really make any sense, right? so that's jim demint. consider also dick armey. former republican congressman who also left to go run a pressure group, a group called freedom works that likes to be known as a grassroots movement, just regular folks who are somehow able to cough up an $8 million golden parachute for dick armey when he announced he was leaving the group this year. diblg armey said he didn't want to make the announcement that he was leaving the group until after the election because he didn't want to give anybody the impression that his part of the conservative movement was in any form of disarray. so he waited, like jim demint, until after the election. and actually since the election with dick armey on his way out the door freedomworks does appear to be in disarray but they are trying to stay relevant. yesterday they posted this, cheering on house speaker john boehner and his big high-stakes negotiations that he's having with president obama right now. they didn't like everything john boehner is proposing, but as you can see in the headline there, they thought it w
party process was imploding, imploding well before election day. including an attempt with dick armey getting aimed. >>> plus we'll have the top viral videos of 2012 including this one. >> we're all on our own if romney has his way. and he's against safety nets. if you fall, tough luck. so i strongly suggest that you wake the [ bleep ] up. >> actually, that's samuel l. jackson, he's a nice fella personally. this is "hardball," the place for politics. he really is a nice guy. i met him. lf? c'mon, michael! get in the game! [ male announcer ] don't have the hops for hoops with your buddies? lost your appetite for romance? and your mood is on its way down. you might not just be getting older. you might have a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. millions of men, forty-five or older, may have low t. so talk to your doctor about low t. hey, michael! [ male announcer ] and step out of the shadows. hi! how are you? [ male announcer ] learn more at isitlowt.com. [ laughs ] hey! i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it
juggernaut, freedomworks. the dick armey resignation seemed strange from the start when mother jones first broke the story a week ago. first of all, there was dick armey's weird resignation letter that got leaked demanding that his name and likeness not be used in any freedomworks materials. subsequent to that came the news that mr. armey had arranged for an $8 million golden parachute for himself provided by an influential republican fundraiser, which did not seem very grassrootsy at all for a supposedly grassroots group. he gets $8 million once he leaves. subsequent to that emerged the details or at least the allegation of the relatively scammy reason that mr. armey left the group. politico.com reporting that the other recognizable guy at freedomworks besides dick armey, a guy named matt kibbe had allegedly used freedomworks' staff and resources to write his book, even though all the profits from the book were just going to him, going to matt kibbe. anybody donating to freedomworks, anybody donating to freedomworks was effectively paying for the staff time and the resources to produce a
party giant stages a coupe with his own office. the details on dick armey's hostile takeover. the nra is catching heat from all directions. >> i don't think the nra is listening, i don't think they understand. >> georgetown university law professor, david cole on the growing drumbeat against the nra. >>> six days until the price of milk shoots up to $8 a gallon. why house republicans are take ing america to the dairy cliff. >>> and civil liberty groups take on torture in zero dark thirty. >>> if no deal is reached, the nation will go over the fiscal cliff in a little more than five days and house republicans are doing nothing more than posturing. president obama is flying back to washington tonight from his christmas vacation in hawaii to make one last attempt to get a deal before midnight new year's eve. the senate is returning and will be in session tomorrow for the same purpose. senate majority leader harry reid is trying to determine what kind of bill he can get through the senate with limited republican support. meanwhile, governor neil abercrombie of hawaii tonight announced tha
. the question is why is the government involved in our marriage. >>> former house majority leader dick armey talking on cbs talking about the 2012 election said, quote, we had a lot of candidates, quite frankly, that did dumb things out there. >>> the republican national committee is planning an autopsy on the campaign to exam what worked and what didn't work in 2012. >>> a new politico poll finds that romney supported him by 47% and 650% put romney on their night list. >>> meanwhile the president and his family got in the spirit at the christmas concert with diana ross and koenen o'brien and they got to meet some of the former patients who dressed up as santa's little helper elves. >> release the elves. hey, elf, what's your name. >> olivia. >> everybody look up and say cheese. >> cheese. >> cheese. >> say merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> ho, ho, ho. >> ho, ho, ho. >> he does a good santa. and that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. and now for a look at your national weather, let's turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins, he has your weather forecast. incredibly cute. did you
. the other hd written story is that you have two majo conservative figures leaving this week. you had dick armey leaving freedomworks, a very conservative outfit aligned with the tea party, and getting an $8 million buyouout. jim demint has gone fr the fourth poorest man in the senate's an institution, the heritage foundation, and more than $1 million. armey-demint --- they are like the congregationalist in hawaii. they came to do good, and they're doing very well. [laughter] >> with him leaving the senate and going to the hetage foundation, i think the intellectual level both places lifts up. now -- you got it. >> yeah, i got it. >> remember, heritage was the originator of the idea of the federal mandate for health insurance. >> he said we spend too much time concentrating on o obama and not our positions. don't forget that it was jim demint in 2009 who said that if we stop him on health care, this will be his waterloo. we will break him. he faid to do that. he has been a very partisan guy his whole time in the senate. >> he was one of the senators to vote against the international treaty
over the tea party kettle. this week, we learned that dick armey, the head of the major tea party group, freedom works, is out. one by one, gop lawmakers have distanced themselves from the tea party's once sacred anti-tax pledge. 44 and counting. and the american people are rejecting the entire movement. the group's disapproval rating has jumped 24 point since 2010. so the tea party's monster looks like its on its last leg. all i can say is, good rid dance. joining me now is former governor of pennsylvania, ed rendell, and now an msnbc political analyst. and joan walsh, an msnbc political analyst. thank you both for your time tonight. >> thanks, rev. >> my pleasure. >> joan, let me start with you. senator demint is out. how huge is that? >> i think it's huge, are reverend al. i really do. he said health care would be the president's waterloo while the president is getting ready to be inaugurated for a second time and jim demint is packing up his senate office. he could be serving in a majority if he hadn't backed such crackpot losers. they really would have taken it back if it wasn't fo
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activists are people who have a long standing commitment to ideals. charles: we appreciate your help. dick armey, thank you for coming on. kiersten powers joins us now. is that good news for the republicans or the whole country? >> both. look, i think the reason they are losing steam, even the republicans have recognized that it is a problem. i am sure that a lot of people have readdabout the purging. they realize it is something that alienates people. it is not something that would appeal to a broad swath of people. with the fiscal cliff -- with that feeling debacle, i think it was the last straw. people felt they were just too entranced and. charles: here is the thing. we are not the country that needs to be. we have $16 trillion in debt. forget about the people with the pom-poms. our situation is awful. isn't there a need for a group of regular citizens to voice their discontent with the idea. our children and grandchildren don't have any shot at reclaiming the glory that was once everybody. >> i think what you just said it describes how most of the country feels. everyone is concerned
the country i think is just alibi on the part of the republican party. >> dick armey, leader, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >>> and the colorado doctor kidnapped in afghanistan is safe this morning after a daring rescue mission carried out by a team of navy s.e.a.l.s. dr. dilip joseph was captured on wednesday by taliban forces. one american and seven taliban were killed in sunday morning raids. in a statement, president obama said the mission was characteristic of the extraordinary courage, skill, and patriotism that our troops show every day. tragically, we lost one of our special operators in this effort. our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. senior correspondent john miller, the former assistant director of the national intelligence, is with us. john, this was incredible when we got the news last night that one of our special operators had died and that an american had been rescued. what have you learned about this operation? >> this was a very interesting operation in that it was a very short turnaround. you usually see in these things is there's a kidnapping. there's
years in. in the next hour, dick armey will join us. also, yale school management's jeffrey sonnan is here with a list of 2012 corporate shake-upes and who may be in the hot seat for 2013. >>> a slew of companies declaring special dividend necessary recent weeks. three companies making announcements this week alone. what investors should do with all this, deborah morshard. this is a big deal. you're talking about tons and tons of companies that are now moving things. one of the situations this morning, pedo corporation just said that it's going to be moving all of its dividends for next year into the end of this year so that their shareholders can get that early gain on this and not have to pay the higher dividends tax next year. right. >> it's changing landscape. >> i know. it almost feels like they're talking about greece. people don't want to pay their taxes in greece and here you have all these people in america that are starting to complain about paying taxes on dividends. we're really just reverting to the levels we should be at a few years ago. we're out of vacation. let's g
. earlier this week, we learned that dick armey is breaking up with his tea party group freedom works and then we learned freedom works is kind of crumbling from within due to internal disputes over its strategy. that leaves a mantle of leadership for the tea party wing of the republican party wide open. that is a lot of power and a lot of fund-raising opportunity. and if you believe the timeline of the records, demint and the heritage foundation saw that opportunity whereby they could join forces and seize it and perhaps even become leaders of that wing of the party. now, they're not alone. you know who's leading the other wing of the republican party right now? and also getting a bunch of money? the don't primary all of your incumbents and choose all of your unelectable candidates wing of the party. that is karl rove. here's how rove explained his election experience. >> i was involved in a group called american crossroads. it's the worst volunteer job i've had in my life. i was in charge of raising money. we raised $324 million, and i got sick and tired of spending money in races w
and hollywood. >> the interesting part of the infrak struck cher is when dick armey left, he left with $7 million severance package. senator demint this is a guy who thought that unmarried schoolteachers. >> he had big influence in the senate. >> he had big influence. he's a very gutsy guy. he was gutsy, i'll give him that. >> first thing, his biggest influence was keeping the majority in the senate. but let me make a bigger point, i think is actually a very sad commentary on our politics today. because, here you have a guy that was a well established u.s. senator with tremendous amount of experience in a group of body that was supposed to respected in the body. he leaves that and becomes a head of a think tank, it is ende epidemic in our political world, their best route to success is to work for super pacs. people's success in politics i'm going to hold office and do something good, they now think they can't do that anymore in washington. >> yeah, i mean, the all that really matters for the most part in congress whether you have a r or d after your name. he can have more influence by mo
the line too often, three of them tea party leaders. and freedom works founder dick armey has quit under what seems to be unpleasant circumstances. he has not said why he has completely cut ties with that group. i'm joined by karen finney and republican strategist and former gingrich campaign senior adviser, david winston. good morning. >> good morning. >> is it post-election nervousness? panic? what is going on? >> look, you've got this huge issue facing the country in terms of the fiscal cliff and there are a lot of elements to this and any time you're a majority coalition as you work to a policy slolution, there ar going to be solutions as in terms of the opinion. >> is it a kas sem? >> look, i work for newt gingrich when he was speaker so having dealt with situations like this. you're in the process of trying to put together a deal and a majority coalition to make that deal work and in the course of that you're going to have arguments. >> karen, conservative groups are slamming them. rarely in modern american politics have more counterproductive, more foolish words been set to paper.
: resisting the centralized government stranglehold on america." dick armey has left free works. "he is out with an $8 million payout provided by an influential fund-raiser. and he has left the conservative tea party work because of an internal split over the group's future direction. why did he leave? where does that leave you? the guest: every public argument is really about something else. this argument is not different from the one we're having right now. are we willing to take on republicans and choose the difference between the go along and get along republicans and someone like david, who is willing to stick out his neck? this is frustrating to me. this is a family divorce. it is difficult. it is frustrating to read the divorce proceedings in the paper. i have never been divorced before, but it hurts. host: why does he get an $8 million pay out? the grassroots principles? guest: freedom works was not involved in that. the $8 million does not come from freedom works. i cannot speak to the specifics, all i know is what i read in the paper. you would have to arrest him. i can only tell
, actually had to prop up newt gingrich because he knew dick armey was next. >> and tip o'neill and ronald reagan. the great news about this, if you really think about it, the fact that they're both publicly saying okay, now it's mano a mano, as you would say. if it doesn't work, well, then those are the fall guys. so if you really kind of think about it, they're not going to set themselves up this way, if in some way, shape or form they both don't believe it's going to get done. this way they both look like the hero. they would have been doing a lot more behind the scenes. okay, the two big dogs go in the room together tells me it's going to get done. >> and it tells me also that yesterday "the new york times" story, mark, was deadly accurate when "the times" reported, the top of the paper on a1 that john boehner was more powerful. you never, if you're speaker of the house, say clear out, guys and gals. i'm going to go in there myself. and i'm going to bring out a deal. >> and i'm going to make the call. >> yeah. and i'm going to make the call because he wouldn't have done that last year
assignments. the founder and chairman dick armey resigned yesterday. this is a clear attempt on the part of the republican leadership to punish those in washington who vote the way they promised their constituents they would. conservative blogger eric erickson on his blog writing on the same day john boehner, eric cantor and kevin mccarthy punished those for standing up for their convictions sold out their own convictions. erickson wasn't the only 0 group. calling it an $800 billion tax hike. the most conservative media outlets have been in boehner's camp, conservative organizations have a lot of sway with some members. bane earp does not want a full fledged rebellion. a few things to keep in mind. number one, any thought boehner didn't believe he had more control over his conference this time than he did two years ago should be set aside. cantor and mccarthy having his back. he only has to worry if somebody is high profile were somehow to challenge his standing with house republicans. that's not the case. they were in concert on this. does it mean -- send a signal to the white house tha
meltdown on fox news. he's been kicked off fox news until further notice. tea party organizer dick armey, what happened to him? he has split from freedom works. the tea party group that he actually formed. he walked with $8 million. everywhere you look, republicans are in disarray. it's almost like they never planned for a scenario in which barack obama was going to win re-election. the problems don't end here. say what you want about jim demint's positions, at least he was the well-connected -- he was the well connected to the republican establishment. moderate republicans believed demint could keep the radicals in line. the same certainly can't be said for tea party senators jim demint, who he leaves behind. demint's political operation spent a lot of time and money to get young conservatives elected to the senate. guys like mike lee, ted cruz, marco rubio, ron johnson, pat toomey and rand paul. yeah, rand paul, the man who wants to abolish virtually every government agency and restore the gold standard. with jim demint gone, i guess you could look at rand paul as the de facto leader o
. >> there is a lot of money there. i don't mean for him personally there is a lot of money on the right. we saw dick armey former house majority leader left the freedom works which is a group associated closely with the tea party work out with an $8 million buyout. you know, you don't get that for goodness sake it's in wall street today. >> i think are you wrong about that one. >> okay, david knows. >> stay with the expert. >> david knows these people. but i just say, he's going to make a million dollars. >> woodruff: you mean in salary at the heritage. >> at least i million dollars. but i think the key is, judy, that it changes the whole definition of what a senator is the two senators who preceded him in south carolina served a century between them, strom thurmond and holdings. here he is in the middle of his second term. he is not a legislator. he isn't interesting in crafting a compromise or consensus of any sort. he's been very open about what he does believe and what does matter to him. and out he's going to be a basically a political figure with a platform and a good paycheck outside. and can
from in the first place. >> that was dick armey. in the spotlight tonight, republicans soul searching. mitt romney's soul search to him to vegas at a boxing match. the republican national committee announced today the creation of the growth and opportunity project, a five-member independent committee that will consider what the republican party did wrong and make suggestions on how to fix it. at least one republican thinks that they won't be able to fix their problems by 2016 and be competitive in the next presidential campaign. >> if their competitor in owe 16 is going to be hillary clinton and supported by a still popular barack obama, trying to win that will be truly the super bowl and the republican party is incapable of competing at that level. >> ari, big surprise, rush limbaugh did not like that. he did not like newt gingrich saying that hillary is unbeatable. let's listen to rush. >> we can't beat her. here we are on december 10th, 2012, and we can't beat hillary in a presidential campaign in 2016. i didn't know any of this. in fact, i don't even think this is a campaign now.
gun giveaway and dick armey may have used guns to influence his fellow tea partiers. according to "the washington post" mr. armey recently marched into the office of freedom works. he was accompanied by his wife and also a man identified as a former capitol hill police officer who was volunteering his services as a security guard to mr. armey. now, the fact that this security guard was carrying a gun on his waist is a key detail because mr. armey's mission was so force his enemies in freedom works out of the organization. he was carrying out a purge, and the man with the gun actually escorted two of the targets of that purge out of the freedomworks building. so is this what the tea party has come to, an armed coup? hogan, with an intro like that, you know i got to start with you, my friend. >> of course. >> there's a lot of discord within your party between the fiscal cliff and gun control and this skirmish here with guns at the offices of freedom works. what is going on? >> that is a great question. this is the most odd situation i have read about in a very, very long time. the tea pa
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